Natalia is a professional illustrator based in Oxfordshire.
Born in Toruń in Poland, from childhood she was inspired by her surroundings and encouraged by her family to create and use her imagination.
Inspired by the natural life, shadows, Japanese woodblocks and the small pleasures in life Natalia is always looking for the next opportunity to translate life and the beauty within into images.
Deeply influenced by films and travel, Natalia enjoys visualising the unspoken and focusing on the wellbeing of the mind in her work, with a poetic visual approach.
In her spare time she enjoys working with paper, producing intricate and unique papercut works. Recently she has been experimenting with lasercutting her designs into different mediums such as wood and acrylic, taking her work into a different, more tangible dimensions, exploring the intricate physicality of her designs.
Natalia has graduated in Illustration from Arts University Bournemouth in 2018.
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